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Dr. Doug Phillips

The Non-Drug Approach to Eliminating Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness

Using Autonomic Response Testing (ART) to uncover the deepest factors of the health defect or



Treatment of Disease and Dysfunction:


1. Specific herbal combinations and natural peptides for eliminating the energetic pattern of specigic organisms (viruses, bacteria, algae and fungus, and parasites)

2. Herbal and other supplements for detoxifying heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, etc.) solvents, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other toxic chemicals that make our internal terrain like a swamp. Laser Energetic Detox (LED), a fast and gentle non-invasive method based on quantum physics, is used in combination with other detox modalities to quickly clean the terrain (internal enviornment)


3. Applied Psychoneurobiology is a combination of work from many leaders in the field of psychology. This work is used along with Family Systemic Therapy to manage the all important emotional aspect present in all disease


4. Integrated Desensitizing Technique is used to manage the allergies and sensitivities present in all chronic conditions


5. Nutritional supplements from the cleanest and purest sources are used to support body systemsto function well and rebuild when stressors are eliminated